Minnesota v. Olson Case Brief

Why is the case important?

Police entered a home where plaintiff was an overnight guest without a warrant.

Facts of the case


Whether a warrantless, nonconsensual entry into a house where respondent




On review, the Court held that defendant, as an overnight guest, had a reasonable expectation of privacy in his host’s home. The Court held that the expectation was rooted in understandings that were recognized and permitted by society, it was legitimate, and that defendant could have claimed the protection of U.S. Const. amend. IV . The Court held that the state supreme court correctly applied the standard in determining whether exigent circumstances existed in the officers’ warrantless entry of the home. The Court affirmed the order from the state supreme court.

  • Case Brief: 1990
  • Petitioner: Minnesota
  • Respondent: Olson
  • Decided by: Rehnquist Court

Citation: 495 US 91 (1990)
Argued: Feb 26, 1990
Decided: Apr 18, 1990