Mincey v. Arizona

PETITIONER:Rufus Junior Mincey
LOCATION:University Medical Center

DOCKET NO.: 77-5353
DECIDED BY: Burger Court (1975-1981)
LOWER COURT: Arizona Supreme Court

CITATION: 437 US 385 (1978)
ARGUED: Feb 21, 1978
DECIDED: Jun 21, 1978
GRANTED: Oct 17, 1977

Galen H. Wilkes – for respondent
Richard Oseran – for petitioner

Facts of the case

On October 1974 Officer H organized the plan of purchase of heroin from convicted to arrest him in the moment of transfer. He arrived at his house together with nine officers, but the friend of accused prevented the entering of all them together, then H came inside alone. The shooting between H and Mincey occurred, and both were damaged, but policeman died. When other officers entered they arrested defendant and begun the search in the apartment. They passed murderer to the detective who interrogated him in the complicated health status at the hospital, refusing his asking for the attorney. Moreover, after the crime was committed two other detectives begun the investigation in his house, that was prolonged for four days despite on that they didn`t have a court warrant on this action.