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Audio Transcription for Oral Argument - January 19, 1970 (Part 1) in Jones v. State Board of Education of Tennessee

Audio Transcription for Oral Argument - January 20, 1970 (Part 2) in Jones v. State Board of Education of Tennessee

John M. Harlan II:

Supposing this temperate document that had been passed around speaks exactly about diversity.

What would you say about that?

Robert H. Roberts:

I should call the events --

John M. Harlan II:

-- still a justice on the [Inaudible]

Robert H. Roberts:

Yes sir and I think it would be all together a different situation.

I think you could perhaps of even gone across the street a little ways to centennial park and got up on a bench and maybe made a speech on it and it would have been somewhat different.

Here, it is calculated to do one thing, calls unrest and tried to prevail his ideas and his desires on to the student body there.

He had already been suspended.

He -- it wasn't a matter for him not to register.

He was trying to ask everybody else to join with him because his conduct had caused him to be suspended where he wasn't permitted to continue during the summer quarter and was called on them to do so.

Now as to the type of thing that was in this makes very important.

There was really more to it than just boycott.

So far as it being designed to create unrest and we got to keep in mind now that this was fall on a period of great deal of disturbance on the campus where property was destroyed and people were injured.

Some of the things that he says for example anything that give the puppets, I'm talking about school administrators now.

That's a reference that he makes to them.

He calls them puppets throughout this.

I want to adapt civilized tactics used by the man and that sort of thing.

Then he goes on with words like “does the campus will become a concentration camp controlled and contained by the legislation of the raciest dogs' downtown.”

The acts of the puppet administrators here at the end referring to these people for whom he had already been advised that he was going and have to come and clearance have with before he could be re-enrolled.

The Billy clubs and guns of Nashville's raciest cops and ultimately the gestapo tactics of the honorable National Guard whose pale faces have already been seen in Memphis, Nashville.

We as intelligent black students will not be guarded by trampling parialist idiots who call themselves administrators.

Now that's what he's saying about the school administrators.

He said earlier that he came down to Tennessee to go to school because he investigate and found that it was a great school and he wanted to go down there.

Yet in his first year there an 18-year-old boy, he conducts himself in such a way and has the all that has come out with something like this and talking this very school administrators whom he had chosen to go to earn an education.

And he closed it then with this article and counts and brought and bribed heavy counts.

Cast your vote for student power.

Boycott registration, September 23 and for as long as the puppet administration refuses to acknowledge that this is our university.

Hugo L. Black:

What do you mean by the boycott part?

Robert H. Roberts:


He was -- they asked them not to come in and register for classes and just to freeze the university so to speak and to bring it to a complete start, that would be the effect of it.