Hammer v. Dagenhart

PETITIONER:W. C. Hammer, United States Attorney
RESPONDENT:Roland H. Dagenhart et al.
LOCATION: Cotton Mill

DECIDED BY: White Court (1916-1921)
LOWER COURT: Federal district court

ARGUED: Apr 15, 1918 / Apr 16, 1918
DECIDED: Jun 03, 1918

John W. Davis – Solicitor General, Department of Justice, for the appellant
Morgan J. O’Brien – for the appellees
W. M. Hendren – for the appellees

Facts of the case

The Keating-Owen Child Labor Act prohibited the interstate shipment of goods produced by child labor. Reuben Dagenhart’s father — Roland — had sued on behalf of his freedom to allow his fourteen year old son to work in a textile mill.


Does the congressional act violate the Commerce Clause, the Tenth Amendment, or the Fifth Amendment?