Green v. Georgia

PETITIONER: Roosevelt Green, Jr.
LOCATION: Monroe County Courthouse

DOCKET NO.: 78-5944
DECIDED BY: Burger Court (1975-1981)
LOWER COURT: Supreme Court of Georgia

CITATION: 442 US 95 (1979)
DECIDED: May 29, 1979

Facts of the case

On December 12, 1976, Roosevelt Green, Jr. and Carzell Moore allegedly raped and murdered Teresa Allen outside Macon, Georgia. Green and Moore were tried separately, and each was convicted and sentenced to death. At Green's trial, the defense introduced the testimony of Thomas Pasby, who had testified at Moore's trial. According to Pasby, Moore admitted to him that he had killed Allen alone. The trial court refused to allow Pasby's testimony, considering it to be hearsay under Georgia law. On appeal, Green argued the refusal to allow Pasby's testimony constituted a violation of his right to due process under the Fourteenth Amendment, but the Supreme Court of Georgia denied his claim.


Did refusing to allow Pasby's testimony under Georgia's hearsay law violate Green's right to due process under the Fourteenth Amendment?