Gayle v. Browder

PETITIONER: W. A. Gayle, Mayor of Montgomery
RESPONDENT: Aurelia Browder
LOCATION: Location of Montgomery AL bus where Rosa Parks was arrested

DECIDED BY: Warren Court (1956-1957)
LOWER COURT: Federal district court

CITATION: 352 US 903 (1956)
DECIDED: Nov 13, 1956

Facts of the case

While the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. led a boycott of the racially segregated bus system in Montgomery Alabama, the Legal Defense Fund of the NAACP challenged racial segregation on the bus system in the federal courts. This case arose in federal court as a violation of Reconstruction-era civil rights statutes and as a violation of the Equal Protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. A three-judge district court held that state enforcement of the segregated but privately owned bus system in Montgomery violated the Equal Protection Clause. The city appealed directly to the Supreme Court.


Did the district court err in striking down the racially separate but equal bus system in Montgomery Alabama?