Felder v. Casey Case Brief

Facts of the Case

Nine months after a black individual was allegedly beaten by white police officers of the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during his arrest on a subsequently dropped charge of disorderly conduct, the individual filed suit, under various state and federal laws including the civil rights provisions of, against the city and several police officers in the Circuit Court of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, and claimed that his beating and arrest (1) were unprovoked and racially motivated, and (2) violated his rights under theand. The officers moved to dismiss the suit for failure to comply with the notice-of-claim statute. The trial court granted the motion as to all state-law causes of action, but denied the motion as the individual’s remaining federal claims. A state intermediate court of appeals affirmed, on the ground that the notice-of-claim statute was inapplicable to federal civil rights actions brought in state court. On appeal, the Wisconsin Supreme Court reversed. On certiorari, the United States Supreme Court reversed the judgment of the Wisconsin Supreme Court and remanded the case for further proceedings.





Case Information

Citation: 487 US 131 (1988)
Argued: Mar 28, 1988
Decided: Jun 22, 1988
Case Brief: 1988