Edwards v. Arizona Case Brief

Facts of the Case

After being arrested on a state criminal charge, and after being informed of his rights as required by, petitioner Edwards was questioned by the police on Jan. 19, 1976, until he said that he wanted an attorney. Questioning then ceased, but on Jan. 20 police officers came to the jail and, after stating that they wanted to talk to him and again informing him of hisrights, obtained his confession when he said that he was willing to talk. At trial in Arizona state court, the trial court ultimately denied Edwards’ motion to suppress his confession, finding the statement to be voluntary. Edwards was convicted, and he appealed. The Supreme Court of Arizona held that during the Jan. 20 meeting Edwards waived his right to remain silent and his right to counsel when he voluntarily gave his statement after again being informed of his rights. Edwards filed a petition for certiorari, which was granted.





Case Information

Citation: 451 US 477 (1981)
Argued: Nov 5, 1980
Decided: May 18, 1981
Case Brief: 1981