Donovan v. Lone Steer, Inc.

RESPONDENT:Lone Steer, Inc.
LOCATION:Clifford Residence

DOCKET NO.: 82-1684
DECIDED BY: Burger Court (1981-1986)

CITATION: 464 US 408 (1984)
ARGUED: Nov 29, 1983
DECIDED: Jan 17, 1984

Alan I. Horowitz – on behalf of the Appellants
Richard G. Peterson – on behalf of Appellee

Facts of the case

Donovan v. Lone Steer, Inc. is the case study on direct appeal, which is centered around the decision made by District Court in regard to the investigative provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act. In particular, the 4th Amendment forbids to use the administrative subpoena for investigation purposes, requiring a special search warrant to be received to analyze any possible formal paper.