Culombe v. Connecticut Case Brief

Facts of the Case

Defendant Arthur Culombe was a 33-year-old illiterate man with intellectual disabilities of the moron class who was suggestible and subject to intimidation. He was taken into custody by state police officers on Saturday afternoon and held without benefit of counsel, though he requested counsel, without the prompt arraignment required by state law, and without being advised of his constitutional rights. He was questioned intermittently by police officers until Wednesday night, when, after being upset by seeing his wife and sick daughter and being urged by his wife to tell the truth, he confessed to participation in a holdup in which two men were murdered. This confession was admitted in evidence over his timely objection at his trial in a state court, and he was convicted of murder.


“Does a clause that prohibits one parent from removing a child from a country without the other parent’s consent confer a “right of custody” within the meaning of the Hague Convention on International Child Abduction?”



Case Information

Citation: 367 US 568 (1961)
Argued: Jan 19, 1961
Decided: Jun 19, 1961
Case Brief: 1961