Cox v. United States

Facts of the Case

Defendants were classified as conscientious objectors despite their claim that they were ministers of religion. They exhausted their remedies for reclassification in the selective service process and reported to a public service camp. Defendants left camp without permission and failed to return, and they were convicted of violating the Selective Training and Service Act of 1940. The circuit court of appeals affirmed their convictions. The case was appealed to the Supreme Court of the United States.


Does the Fourth Amendment allow the police to open closed containers during an inventory search where the suspect gave permission to open the truck where the container was found?


In a per curiam opinion, the Court dismissed the writ of certiorari as improvidently granted in this case and in the consolidated case Dalmazzi v. United States (16-961). The Court reached the merits and issued a decision in the third consolidated case only, Ortiz v. United States (16-1423) .

Case Information

Citation: 585 US (2018)
Decided: Jun 22, 2018
Granted: Sep 28, 2017
Argued: Jan 16, 2018
Case Brief: 2018