Camp v. Pitts Case Brief

Facts of the Case

Pitts, et al., hereinafter respondents, applied to Camp, the Comptroller of the Currency for a certificate authorizing them to organize a national bank in Hartsville, South Carolina. On the basis of information received from a national bank examiner and from various interested parties, the Comptroller denied the application and notified respondents of his decision through a brief letter. According to the Comptroller, his decision to deny the respondents’ application was grounded on the fact that the community already was adequately served by other banks, and as such, there was no need for the proposed national bank. In the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina, the respondents sought review of the Comptroller’s decision. Holding that there was substantial basis for the Comptroller’s decision and that it was neither capricious nor arbitrary, the District Court granted the Comptroller’s motion for summary judgment. The Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit vacated the District Court’s judgment on the ground that the Court of Appeals could not determine either what particular factors had been considered by the Comptroller or whether he had acted within permissible bounds of discretion in denying the application, and the Court of Appeals remanded the case for a trial de novo before the District Court.


Can the students’ convictions be upheld in the light of intervening state laws?



Case Information

Citation: 411 US 138 (1973)
Decided: Mar 26, 1973
Case Brief: 1973