Caetano v. Massachusetts

PETITIONER: Jamie Caetano
RESPONDENT: Massachusetts
LOCATION: Ashland, Massachusetts

DOCKET NO.: 14-10078
DECIDED BY: Roberts Court (2016- )
LOWER COURT: Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

CITATION: 577 US (2016)
GRANTED: Mar 21, 2016
DECIDED: Mar 21, 2016

Facts of the case

Jamie Caetano was convicted of possession of a stun gun in Massachusetts state court. Caetano appealed and claimed her conviction violated her Second Amendment right to possess a stun gun in public for the purpose of self-defense, which was necessary to protect herself from her abusive ex-boyfriend. The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts affirmed Caetano’s conviction and held that a stun gun is not eligible for Second Amendment protection.


Does the Second Amendment protect the right to possess a stun gun for self-defense?

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