Burdick v. Takushi Case Brief

Facts of the Case

Appellee voter filed suit against appellants, director and lieutenant governor, asserting the Hawaii’s lack of provision for casting and counting write-in votes in statewide general elections was impermissible. The district court ruled for appellant and issued a preliminary injunction ordering a procedure to be set in place. On appeal, the court reversed, holding that appellant’s asserted right to vote for any candidate he chose did not implicate fundamental constitutional protections. The court held that Hawaii’s election laws eliminated frivolous candidates while still providing access to candidates who had a relatively minor modicum of support.


Did Tennessee’s durational residency requirements violate the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment?



Case Information

Citation: 504 US 428 (1992)
Argued: Mar 24, 1992
Decided: Jun 8, 1992
Case Brief: 1992