Eddings v. Oklahoma

On April 4, 1977, Monty Lee Eddings, who was sixteen-year-old, together with his friends escaped from home. Before the... Continued

Ake v. Oklahoma

In 1979, Glen Burton Ake was arrested and charged with murder for killing a couple in Oklahoma. At trial, his behavior... Continued

Thompson v. Oklahoma

At the age of 15 years Thompson was tried as an adult, convicted of first degree murder, and sentenced to death. On... Continued

Cooper v. Oklahoma

Byron Keith Cooper was charged with the murder of an 86-year-old man in the course of a burglary. After an Oklahoma... Continued

Bosse v. Oklahoma

In 1987, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Booth v. Maryland that the Eighth Amendment prohibits a sentencing jury in... Continued