McCulloch v. Maryland

In 1816, Congress chartered The Second Bank of the United States. In 1818, the state of Maryland passed legislation to... Continued

McGowan v. Maryland

Several employes of a discount department store sold a few items, such as floor wax and loose-leaf notebooks, to... Continued

Griffin v. Maryland

On June 30, 1960, several white and black people picketed the private Glen Echo Amusement Park in Montgomery County... Continued

Brady v. Maryland

A Maryland jury found John Brady and Charles Boblit guilty of first-degree murder in the state Circuit Court of Anne... Continued

Bell v. Maryland

A group of 15-20 African-American students entered Hooper's restaurant in Baltimore to engage in a sit-in to protest... Continued

Freedman v. Maryland

Maryland required that all films be submitted to a board of censors before being exhibited. The board could disapprove... Continued

Benton v. Maryland

Benton was accused of the burglary and larceny by the ruling of Maryland court, but his guilt was only confirmed for... Continued

Smith v. Maryland

On March 5, 1976, Patricia McDonough was robbed in Baltimore, Maryland. She was able to give the police a description... Continued

Booth v. Maryland

John Booth was convicted of the murders of an elderly couple and chose to have the jury determine his sentence instead... Continued

Gray v. Maryland

In 1993, the State of Maryland tried Anthony Bell and Kevin Gray jointly for the murder of Stacy Williams. The State... Continued

Virginia v. Maryland

In 1632, King Charles I gave the Potomac River to Lord Baltimore and, through that charter, to the colony of Maryland... Continued