Bute v. Illinois

Bute was charged with taking indecent liberties with children. He did not have an attorney and the trial court did not... Continued

Griffin v. Illinois

Judson Griffin and James Crenshaw were indicted for armed robbery in Cook County, Illinois. Following their conviction... Continued

Lynumn v. Illinois

In this case study, Miss Lynumn, a petitioner, was convicted of the illegal sale and possession of marijuana. She was... Continued

Escobedo v. Illinois

Danny Escobedo was arrested and taken to a police station for questioning. Over several hours, the police refused his... Continued

Williams v. Illinois

Willie E. Williams was convicted for theft of credit cards, checks, and papers worth less than $150. He received the... Continued

Kirby v. Illinois

William Shard reported to the Chicago police that two men stole his wallet. The wallet contained traveler’s checks... Continued

Stanley v. Illinois

Joan Stanley had three children with Peter Stanley. The Stanleys never married, but lived together off and on for 18... Continued

Brown v. Illinois

On May 6, 1968, Roger Corpus was shot and killed in his apartment. The police obtained the name of Richard Brown, who... Continued

Ward v. Illinois

In 1971, Wesley Ward was charged with selling two sadomasochistic publications at his store in violation of the... Continued

Scott v. Illinois

Scott was convicted in a bench trial of shoplifting and fined $50. The statute applicable to his case set the maximum... Continued