Worcester v. Georgia

In September 1831, Samuel A. Worcester and others, all non-Native Americans, were indicted in the supreme court for... Continued

Chisholm v. Georgia

In 1777, the Executive Council of Georgia authorized the purchase of needed supplies from a South Carolina businessman... Continued

Stanley v. Georgia

Law enforcement officers, under the authority of a warrant, searched Stanley's home pursuant to an investigation of... Continued

Furman v. Georgia

Furman was burglarizing a private home when a family member discovered him. He attempted to flee, and in doing so... Continued

Jenkins v. Georgia

An Albany, Georgia theater manager was convicted under a Georgia obscenity law when he showed the critically acclaimed... Continued

Gregg v. Georgia

A jury found Gregg guilty of armed robbery and murder and sentenced him to death. On appeal, the Georgia Supreme Court... Continued

Coker v. Georgia

In 1974, Erlich Anthony Coker, serving a number of sentences for murder, rape, kidnapping, and assault, escaped from... Continued

Ballew v. Georgia

Ballew was found in violation of a misdemeanor for exhibiting an obscene motion picture film. In the Criminal Court of... Continued

Green v. Georgia

On December 12, 1976, Roosevelt Green, Jr. and Carzell Moore allegedly raped and murdered Teresa Allen outside Macon... Continued

Godfrey v. Georgia

In September 1977, Robert Franklin Godfrey and his wife had a heated argument. After Godfrey consumed a number of beers... Continued

Waller v. Georgia

Acting under court authorization, Georgia police placed wiretaps on a number of phones and conducted searches pursuant... Continued