Hoyt v. Florida

A Florida statute automatically exempted women from jury duty and did not place women on jury lists. Women could... Continued

Adderley v. Florida

Harriet Louise Adderley and a group of approximately 200 others assembled in a non-public jail driveway to protest the... Continued

Williams v. Florida

In 1967, the state of Florida passed legislation to allow six-member juries in criminal cases. Johnny Williams was... Continued

Waller v. Florida

Joseph Waller stole a mural from the St. Petersburg City Hall. The city charged and convicted him in municipal court... Continued

Murphy v. Florida

In 1970, Jack Roland Murphy was convicted of breaking and entering a dwelling with intent to commit robbery while... Continued

Proffitt v. Florida

Following his Florida conviction for first-degree murder and the imposition of the death penalty, Proffitt challenged... Continued

Dobbert v. Florida

In the spring of 1972, Ernest Dobbert’s son was found wandering outside a Holiday Inn in Jacksonville, Florida, with... Continued

Chandler v. Florida

Two Miami Beach police officers were charged with burglarizing a local restaurant. Their trial gained much media... Continued

Enmund v. Florida

Earl Enmund and two codefendants were found guilty of the felony murder and robbery of Thomas and Eunice Kersey, an... Continued