Powell v. Alabama

Nine black youths -- described as, "young, ignorant, and illiterate" -- were accused of raping two white women... Continued

Bailey v. Alabama

Bailey contracted to work on a farm for a year at $12 a month. He quit after a month and did not return $15 advanced... Continued

Thornhill v. Alabama

Byron Thornhill joined a picket line that was protesting against his former employer. Section 3448 of Alabama state... Continued

Fikes v. Alabama

On April 24, 1953 in Selma, Alabama, an intruder broke into the apartment of the daughter of the city mayor. The... Continued

Abernathy v. Alabama

In 1961, the city of Montgomery, Alabama, was under martial law as a result of the riots that started when groups of... Continued

Boykin v. Alabama

In the spring of 1966, a series of armed robberies were committed in Mobile, Alabama. In two instances a gun was fired... Continued

Coleman v. Alabama

John Henry Coleman and Otis Stephens were convicted of assault with intent to murder. The primary evidence against... Continued

Heath v. Alabama

In August of 1981, Larry Gene Heath hired two men to kidnap and murder his pregnant wife. Heath met the men in Georgia... Continued

Miller v. Alabama

In July 2003, Evan Miller, along with Colby Smith, killed Cole Cannon by beating Cannon with a baseball bat and... Continued

Hinton v. Alabama

Between February and July of 1985, there were a series of restaurant robberies in Birmingham, Alabama. During the... Continued