Maryland v. Wirtz

The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 (Act) requires every employer to pay each of his employees engaged in commerce or... Continued

Maryland v. Garrison

Baltimore police officers obtained a warrant for the apartment of Lawrence McWebb and “the premises known as 2036 Park... Continued

Maryland v. Buie

On February 3, 1986, two men robbed a Godfather’s Pizza in Prince George’s County, Maryland. One of the men was... Continued

Maryland v. Craig

Sandra Ann Craig, the operator of a kindergarten and pre-school facility, was accused of sexually abusing a... Continued

Maryland v. Wilson

After a Maryland state trooper stopped the speeding car in which he was riding, a nervous Wilson was ordered to step... Continued

Maryland v. Dyson

Acting on a tip from a confidential informant and a subsequent investigation, sheriff's deputies stopped and searched... Continued

Maryland v. Pringle

A police officer stopped a car for speeding, searched the car, and seized money from the glove compartment and cocaine... Continued

Maryland v. Blake

Following his arrest for murder, Leeander Blake invoked his right to speak with a lawyer. Before Blake's attorney... Continued

Maryland v. Shatzer

In August 2003, a detective from the Hagerstown, MD Police Department interviewed Michael Blain Shatzer Sr. regarding... Continued

Maryland v. King

The Maryland DNA Collection Act (MDCA) allows state and local law enforcement officers to collect DNA samples from... Continued

Maryland v. Kulbicki

In 1993, James Kulbicki fatally shot his 22-year-old mistress the weekend before a scheduled hearing on unpaid child... Continued