IIllinois v. Gates

The Bloomingdale, Illinois Police Department received an anonymous tip that Lance and Susan Gates were selling drugs... Continued

Illinois v. Krull

The state of Illinois required all who sell or scrap motor vehicles or parts to obtain licenses. That law also... Continued

Illinois v. Perkins

While being held in jail, Perkins freely confessed to committing a murder to an undercover police officer who was... Continued

Illinois v. Wardlow

Sam Wardlow, who was holding an opaque bag, inexplicably fled an area of Chicago known for heavy narcotics trafficking... Continued

Illinois v. McArthur

In 1997, Tera McArthur asked two police officers to accompany her to her trailer, where she lived with her husband... Continued

Illinois v. Fisher

Gregory Fisher was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine in 1988. He filed a motion for discovery, asking... Continued

Illinois v. Lidster

Police stopped Robert Lidster at a checkpoint set up to find information about a recent hit-and-run accident. Lidster... Continued