Arizona v. Hicks

A bullet was fired through the floor of Hicks's apartment which injured a man in the apartment below. To investigate... Continued

Arizona v. Roberson

On April 16, 1985, Ronald William Roberson was arrested at the scene of a burglary. The arresting officer read him his... Continued

Arizona v. Youngblood

On October 29, 1983, 10-year-old David was abducted from a church carnival. The abductor molested and sodomized the boy... Continued

Arizona v. Evans

In January 1991, Phoenix police officer Bryan Sargent observed Isaac Evans driving the wrong way on a one-way street... Continued

Arizona v. Gant

Arizona police went to the home of Rodney Gant in search of drugs and to arrest him for failing to appear in court... Continued

Arizona v. Gant

Rodney Gant was apprehended by Arizona state police on an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license... Continued

Arizona v. Johnson

Lemon Johnson was riding in the backseat of a car when it was pulled over by the state police in Sugar Hill, Arizona... Continued