Sims v. Apfel

After a state agency denied Juatassa Sims' application for Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income... Continued

Texas v. Lesage

Francois Daniel Lesage, an African immigrant of Caucasian descent, was denied admission to the University of Texas Ph.D... Continued

Edwards v. Carpenter

Robert Carpenter was indicted on charges of aggravated murder and aggravated robbery, pleaded guilty, and sentenced to... Continued

Dempsey v. Martin

Pro se petitioner John B. Dempsey sought leave to proceed in forma pauperis in the U.S. Supreme Court under Rule 39... Continued

Weeks v. Angelone

Lonnie Weeks, Jr., was found guilty of capital murder in the death of Virginia State Trooper Jose Cavazos. During the... Continued

Gutierrez v. Ada

The Organic Act of Guam provides that that "if no [slate of] candidates [for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Guam]... Continued

Portuondo v. Agard

Ray Agard was tried in New York on sodomy, assault, and weapons counts. Ultimately, Agard's trial turned on whether... Continued