Limtiaco v. Camacho

Governor Camacho of Guam sought to borrow over $400 million through the issuance of bonds. Guam Attorney General... Continued

Wilkie v. Robbins

Harvey Robbins owned a private dude ranch which was intermingled with federal lands. The previous owner had granted... Continued

Osborn v. Haley

Pat Osborn, an employee of a private contractor for the U.S. Forest Service, sued Barry Haley, an employee of the... Continued

Burton v. Stewart

Burton was convicted of burglary, robbery, and rape. Under the standard state sentencing guidelines, the burglary and... Continued

Carey v. Musladin

Mathew Musladin was convicted of the murder of Tom Studer. At Musladin's trial, Studer's family wore buttons showing... Continued

Whorton v. Bockting

Marvin Bockting was accused of sexually assaulting his six year old stepdaughter. The girl told a detective about... Continued

Panetti v. Quarterman

Scott Louis Panetti was convicted of the murder of his wife's parents and sentenced to death. He petitioned for a writ... Continued

Scott v. Harris

After a police officer attempted to pull him over for speeding, Victor Harris fled in his vehicle, initiating a... Continued

Sole v. Wyner

Florida state park officials prohibited T.A. Wyner and George Simon from forming a peace symbol from nude individuals... Continued

Roper v. Weaver

William Weaver was convicted of the first degree murder of a prospective witness in a drug trial. During the penalty... Continued