Gonzalez v. Crosby

In Artuz v. Bennett (2000) the U.S. Supreme Court held that state petitions for postconviction relief could toll the... Continued

Smith v. Texas

Before the Texas jury in Smith's murder trial reached its sentence, the judge issued a "nullification instruction."... Continued

Deck v. Missouri

After the Missouri Supreme Court set aside Carman Deck's death sentence, Deck was presented at his new sentence... Continued

Clingman v. Beaver

Oklahoma's election laws created a primary system in which a party could invite only its own members and Independents... Continued

Bell v. Thompson

A Tennessee trial court sentenced Thompson to death for murder. Thompson made unsuccesful appeals in state court based... Continued

Wilkinson v. Austin

When Ohio's highest security prison first opened, no official policy governed placement there, resulting in haphazard... Continued

Gonzales v. Raich

In 1996 the Compassionate Use Act was upheld aimed to legalize the medical use of marijuana. Before that, in 1970 the... Continued

Tenet v. Doe

Jane and John Doe said they performed espionage activities abroad for the United States. The Does sued the CIA in... Continued

Brosseau v. Haugen

Brosseau, a police officer in Washington state, shot Haugen in the back as he tried to flee in his vehicle from the... Continued

Bell v. Cone

In 1984 a Tennessee court sentenced Cone to death for murder. The jury had found four aggravating circumstances, one... Continued