Shaw v. Reno

The U.S. Attorney General rejected a North Carolina congressional reapportionment plan because the plan created only... Continued

Lewis v. Fletcher

Fletcher Casey, Jr. and other inmates of various prisons operated by the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADOC)... Continued

Shaw v. Hunt

Residents of North Carolina challenged a plan to create two congressional districts on the ground that the proposed... Continued

Dickinson v. Zurko

Mary E. Zurko, and others, applied for a patent upon a method for increasing computer security. The Patent and... Continued

Calderon v. Coleman

During the penalty phase of Russell Coleman's trial, the trial judge gave the jury a "Briggs instruction," explaining... Continued

Hunt v. Cromartie

Following the Supreme Court's decision in Shaw v. Hunt (517 US 899), declaring North Carolina's 12th district to have... Continued