Hibbs v. Winn

Several Arizona residents challenged in federal district court an Arizona statute that allows tax credits for money... Continued

Johnson v. California

Jay Shawn Johnson, on trial in California for murder, objected to the district attorney's use of peremptory challenges... Continued

Maryland v. Pringle

A police officer stopped a car for speeding, searched the car, and seized money from the glove compartment and cocaine... Continued

Kontrick v. Ryan

Andrew Kontrick filed for bankruptcy after he and his partner, Robert Ryan, dissolved their plastic surgery practice... Continued

Rasul v. Bush

Four British and Australian citizens were captured by the American military in Pakistan or Afghanistan during the... Continued

Muhammad v. Close

Prison officials sentenced Muhammad, a state prisoner, to seven days of special detention and 30 days of restricted... Continued

Missouri v. Seibert

Patrice Seibert was convicted of second degree murder for the death of 17 -year-old Donald Rector, who died in a fire... Continued

Rumsfeld v. Padilla

Jose Padilla, an American citizen, was arrested in Chicago's O'Hare International Airport after returning from... Continued

Baldwin v. Reese

A state trial court sentenced Reese to 33 years in prison. An appellate court lowered the sentence to 24 years. In... Continued

Hamdi v. Rumsfeld

In the fall of 2001, Yaser Hamdi, an American citizen, was detained by the United States military in Afghanistan. He... Continued