Wright v. Van Patten

When Joseph Van Patten pled no contest to a charge of first-degree reckless homicide in a Wisconsin state court, his... Continued

Medellin v. Texas

Jose Medellin, a Mexican national, was convicted and sentenced to death for participating in the gang rape and murder... Continued

Snyder v. Louisiana

In capital murder trial of Allen Snyder, an African-American, the prosecution used peremptory (automatic) challenges... Continued

Munaf v. Geren

In 2005, Mohammad Munaf was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping by U.S. military officers acting as part of a... Continued

Ali v. Achim

A Somalian immigrant fled ethnic strife in his homeland, coming to the United States with his family in 1999. Two... Continued

Baze v. Rees

Two Kentucky inmates challenged the state's four-drug lethal injection protocol. The lethal injection method calls for... Continued