Bradshaw v. Stumpf

In Ohio state court proceedings, Stumpf pled guilty in to aggravated murder committed in an armed robbery. That... Continued

Rousey v. Jacoway

Richard and Betty Rousey filed bankruptcy and claimed their two Individual Retirement Accounts were exempt from the... Continued

Muehler v. Mena

Police detained Mena and others in handcuffs while they searched the house they occupied. During the detention they... Continued

Rhines v. Weber

A South Dakota court convicted Charles Rhines of murder. Rhines filed a habeas corpus petition with a federal district... Continued

Granholm v. Heald

Michigan and New York laws allowed in-state wineries to directly ship alcohol to consumers but restricted the ability... Continued

Kelo v. New London

New London, a city in Connecticut, used its eminent domain authority to seize private property to sell to private... Continued