Vacco v. Quill

Dr. Timothy E. Quill, along with other physicians and three seriously ill patients who have since died, challenged the... Continued

Agostini v. Felton

This suit was brought by a New York parochial school board, and some of its student's parents, as a challenge to a... Continued

Raines v. Byrd

Several individual members of the 104th Congress, who voted against the passage of the Line Item Veto Act (Act) giving... Continued

Clinton v. Jones

Paula Corbin Jones sued President Bill Clinton. She alleged that while she was an Arkansas state employee, she... Continued

Hunt v. Cromartie

Following the Supreme Court's decision in Shaw v. Hunt (517 US 899), declaring North Carolina's 12th district to have... Continued

Hunt v. Cromartie

In Shaw v. Hunt, the U.S Supreme Court found that North Carolina's legislature violated the Constitution by using race... Continued

Bell v. Cone

Gary Cone was tried in a Tennessee court for a 2-day crime spree that ended with the killing of an elderly couple. In... Continued

Utah v. Evans

In conducting the 2000 census, the Census Bureau used "hot-deck imputation" to fill in certain gaps in its information... Continued