Monge v. California

Angel Jaime Monge was convicted on three counts of violating California's drug laws, all felonies. Under California's... Continued

Haddle v. Garrison

Michael A. Haddle, an at-will employee for Healthmaster, Inc., filed suit in federal court alleging his employer... Continued

Slack v. McDaniel

Antonio Tonton Slack was convicted of second-degree murder in Nevada. In 1991, after an unsuccessful direct appeal... Continued

Illinois v. McArthur

In 1997, Tera McArthur asked two police officers to accompany her to her trailer, where she lived with her husband... Continued

Dretke v. Haley

Haley was convicted in Texas state courts of a felony theft and sentenced as a habitual felony offender (extending his... Continued

Burton v. Stewart

Burton was convicted of burglary, robbery, and rape. Under the standard state sentencing guidelines, the burglary and... Continued

Rivera v. Illinois

In 1998, Michael Rivera was convicted in an Illinois court on two counts of first degree murder and sentenced to 85... Continued