Young v. Fordice

In 1995, Mississippi attempted to simplify voter registration in accordance with the National Voter Registration Act... Continued

Florida v. White

Two months after officers observed Tyvessel Tyvorus White using his car to deliver cocaine, he was arrested at his... Continued

Illinois v. Wardlow

Sam Wardlow, who was holding an opaque bag, inexplicably fled an area of Chicago known for heavy narcotics trafficking... Continued

Sims v. Apfel

After a state agency denied Juatassa Sims' application for Social Security disability and Supplemental Security Income... Continued

Georgia v. Ashcroft

Following the 2000 Census, the Democratic-controlled Georgia legislature passed a redistricting plan that was backed... Continued

Meyer v. Holley

The Fair Housing Act (FHA) forbids racial discrimination in respect to the sale or rental of a dwelling. The Holleys... Continued

Doe v. Chao

Seven coal miners sued the Department of Labor, claiming that the department had violated the federal Privacy Act and... Continued