Vermont v. Brillon

In June 2004 after 3 years awaiting trial, Michael Brillon was convicted in a Vermont court for felony domestic assault... Continued

Briscoe v. Virginia

This appeal is the consolidation of three separate cases that involved defendants' conviction for possession of... Continued

Michigan v. Bryant

A Michigan trial court convicted Richard Perry Bryant of second degree murder, being a felon in possession of a firearm... Continued

Turner v. Rogers

In January 2007, Michael Turner appeared in Oconee County, S.C., Family Court because he was behind in his child... Continued

Camreta v. Greene

Sarah Greene filed a lawsuit against Bob Camreta, a caseworker with the Oregon Department of Human Services, and... Continued

Holder v. Gutierrez

Carlos Martinez Gutierrez, a native and citizen of Mexico, applied to an immigration judge for cancellation of his... Continued