Cohen v. de la Cruz

After the local rent control administrator ordered Edward S. Cohen to refund $31,382.50 in excessive rents he had... Continued

Minnesota v. Carter

Wayne Thomas Carter, Melvin Johns, and Kimberly Thompson were arrested after a police officer observed them through a... Continued

Alabama v. Bozeman

The Interstate Agreement on Detainers creates uniform procedures for lodging and executing a detainer, a legal order... Continued

Barnhart v. Walton

The Social Security Act authorizes payment of Title II disability insurance benefits and Title XVI Supplemental... Continued

Overton v. Bazzetta

In 1995, after the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) banned visits to inmates by little brothers and sisters... Continued

Price v. Vincent

During Duyonn Vincent's trial, defense counsel moved for a directed verdict of acquittal as to first-degree murder... Continued

Barnhart v. Thomas

After a heart attack left her unable to continue working as a housekeeper in the late 1980s, Pauline Thomas took a job... Continued

Ziglar v. Abbasi

The respondents in this case are a group of male, non-U.S. citizens, most of whom are Muslim of Middle Eastern origin... Continued