Arizona v. Gant

Rodney Gant was apprehended by Arizona state police on an outstanding warrant for driving with a suspended license... Continued

Astrue v. Ratliff

Catherine Ratliff was the attorney for Ruby Kills Ree in her successful suit against the Social Security... Continued

FCC v. AT&T Inc.

CompTel, a trade association that represents some of AT&T's competitors, filed a FOIA request with the Federal... Continued

Missouri v. Frye

Missouri prosecutors offered Galin Edward Frye two deals while seeking his conviction for driving while his license... Continued

Reyes Mata v. Lynch

Noel Reyes Mata, a citizen of Mexico, was convicted of assaulting a woman he was dating; he was deported in 2010. His... Continued

Holt v. Hobbs

Gregory Holt (also known as Abdul Maalik Muhammad) was an inmate of the Arkansas Department of Corrections and a... Continued