Lindh v. Murphy

Aaron Lindh was convicted on multiple charges of murder and attempted murder in Wisconsin. Arguing that the... Continued

Abrams v. Johnson

Following a suit by Georgia residents challenging the constitutionality of a legislative redistricting plan (Miller v... Continued

Lynce v. Mathis

Beginning in 1983, the Florida Legislature enacted a series of statutes authorizing the award of early release credits... Continued

Maryland v. Wilson

After a Maryland state trooper stopped the speeding car in which he was riding, a nervous Wilson was ordered to step... Continued

O'Dell v. Netherland

At the penalty phase of Joseph Roger O'Dell's state trial on capital murder, rape, and sodomy charges, the government... Continued

Adams v. Robertson

In 1992, Charlie Frank Robertson filed a class action suit in an Alabama trial court, alleging that Liberty National... Continued

Gilbert v. Homar

Richard J. Homar, a tenured policeman for East Stroudsburg University (ESU), was arrested for possession of illegal... Continued

Raines v. Byrd

Several individual members of the 104th Congress, who voted against the passage of the Line Item Veto Act (Act) giving... Continued

Boggs v. Boggs

Isaac Boggs married Sandra Boggs, the petitioner, after the death of Dorothy, his previous wife. When Isaac retired in... Continued

Ohio v. Robinette

After stopping Robinette for speeding, an Ohio deputy warned him, returned his license, and asked him if he had any... Continued