Anders v. California Case Brief

Facts of the Case

“Counsel was appointed by a California appellate court on defendant Anders’ motion to prosecute the appeal of his felony conviction. After studying the record and consulting with Anders, appellate counsel determined that there was no merit to the appeal and so advised the court. He also advised it that Anders wished to file a brief in his behalf. Anders’ request for another attorney was denied. Anders then filed a briefand a reply brief to the State’s response. The appellate court, after examining the record, affirmed the conviction. Six years later, Anders, seeking to reopen his case on the ground that he had been deprived of the right to counsel on his appeal, filed in the appellate court an application for habeas corpus, which the court denied the same day. The court stated that it had again reviewed the record and determined the appeal to be “without merit” (but failed to say whether it was frivolous or not) and that the procedure here followed the California system for handling indigents’ appeals approved by that State’s Supreme Court as meeting the requirements of. Claiming,, that the judge and prosecutor had erroneously commented on his failure to testify, Anders filed with the State Supreme Court an application for habeas corpus, which that court denied without giving any reason for its decision. Anders sought certiorari review.”





Case Information

Citation: 386 US 738 (1967)
Argued: Mar 14, 1967
Decided: May 8, 1967
Case Brief: 1967