Allee v. Medrano

LOCATION: U.S. District Court

DOCKET NO.: 72-1125
DECIDED BY: Burger Court (1972-1975)

CITATION: 416 US 802 (1974)
ARGUED: Nov 13, 1973
DECIDED: May 20, 1974

Chris Dixie - for appellees
Larry F. York - for appellants

Facts of the case


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Audio Transcription for Oral Argument - November 13, 1973 in Allee v. Medrano

Audio Transcription for Opinion Announcement - May 20, 1974 in Allee v. Medrano

Warren E. Burger:

Mr. Justice Douglas has two opinions to announce.

William O. Douglas:

First of these is 72-1125 from -- on appeal from a Three-Judge District Court in Texas.

The appellees or the union and members of the union, and the appellants are police and sheriff of a county in Texas, and the controversy arose in connection with the effort of the union to unionize farm workers.

The opinion is long; the facts are involved; the decision that we filed today for majority of the Court in the case that there are parts of the action of the District Court that were within the permissible limits of the prior decisions of this Court and in the federal statute that enjoining some of the police actions were justified.

However, in the broad reach of the case there were five Texas statutes involved which the District Court declared unconstitutional, but it appears that three of those statutes have been repealed and replaced by more narrowly grown provisions since the time of this decision by the District Court.

Accordingly we are not sure what the opinion status maybe.

So we remand -- we reverse in part and -- affirmed in part and remand in part to the District Court for further proceedings consistent with this opinion.

This is a decision in which Mr. Justice Powell took no part and in which the Chief Justice has filed an opinion dissenting in part and concurring in part, and he is joined in that opinion by Mr. Justice White and Mr. Justice Rehnquist.