Car Buying

Car buying should be an important and fun time. You get to try out all the new cars, see what you like and what you don’t like. It is very time consuming so you have to make sure you are ready for that. Doesn’t matter if is your 1st, 2nd, or 3rd car, it is still fun and you want to make sure you make the right decision. You want to make sure the salesman isn’t a grimy one and knows what he is talking about because you are about to make a huge investment.

You may want to start off by narrowing down what type of car you want and go to either that dealership be it Toyota, Nissan, Ford etc. Try picking out the types of cars you want, again this is very time consuming so unless you have plenty of time to look around try narrowing it down. The car business is a huge business and unless you have someone with you who knows what they are talking about chances are someone may try and take advantage of you. Car buying should be fun, because you get to test drive quite a few cars to see which one you would like more than the other.

When I went to buy my car I went to CarMax over on Fountainhead because that was where I bought my Toyota Camry and you get a variety of cars not just one type. The salesman I had was awesome, I wasn’t sure at the time which type of car I wanted, I just knew I wanted something that would hold its value in case I wanted to trade it in later. I finally decided between two cars Nissan Murano and Toyota Camry , I myself wanted the Murano but my cousin who was giving me the money for the vehicle thought that the Camry was a better fit for me as well a great car so since he was paying Camry won.

I was in a car accident in October 2012, and totaled my car, lady ran into me head on. Since my car was totaled I had to go look for another one so since I was so happy with the people at CarMax I decided to go back. I went to Fountainhead again but had the worst salesman ever. Not only was he rude and unprofessional he had no clue what he was talking about and he pawned me off on another salesman but before doing that he told me I could look at other cars but was not able to look into doing any financing for it because I had a car transferring in from another city. I asked the salesman why he would lock me into a vehicle I’ve never seen, or not even sure I want and he said that was just the rules. He took me to another salesman who showed me around but rushed me, the salesman I had when I got my Camry let me test drive so many vehicles and gave me the info I needed to make a good choice. I test drove two cars and was just done and ready to go.

I decided to look online and found the vehicle that I wanted so I went to the CarMax on IH 35, I called before I went and the salesman I spoke to was great. I told him what I was looking for, if it was available and if I could come do the paperwork for it. The salesman Brad was awesome he took care of everything over the phone told me everything I needed to bring and was done. I decided this time on the Nissan Rogue, and the salesman gave me all the helpful information I needed to buy the car and henceforth. I was there doing paperwork for about an hour in an half test drove the car and was done.

I originally went to CarMax because they had variety and most of the salesman are great and they have to put there salesman through a pretty rough training course. They don’t just give any and every one a job and say go sale a car. They actually teach them about the process, the points as much as they can to be a decent salesman. When looking for a car you want a great salesman and a variety if you’re not sure what type of car you’re looking for. When you first walk in you actually have a greeter, hostess meet you and see what you need and what you’re looking for then she gets a salesman to come and assist you. They take you out let you look around (as they should), you look around see something you like test drive it and move on to the next till you find what you are looking for. They take you in goover the numbers see where you’re comfortable, what payments you want to be at if you didn’t do all that before you started looking. One you decide on a car the rest is fairly easy, you give your down payment, sign your paperwork while the car is being cleaned and the salesman gives you the keys to your new car and you’re on your way.

Overall my experience with CarMax was great. Even though I ran into a wall at one I was glad I had another location to go to. You have a huge variety to pick from, and most salesman know what they are talking about and are there to help you because they know how big of a deal it is and how big of an investment you are about to make. I’d recommend CarMax and definitely use them again.