Can Terrorism Be Stopped?

Terrorism may be well considered one of the most controversial topics today. One can ask twenty different people their feelings on terrorism and what they believed it to be; a person may get twenty different answers. What are the crucial elements in modern terrorism? There is, first of all a fascination on the media publicizing this so much. The nature and history of terrorism as we know it today is that terrorist's like to provoke the public who has the authorities that gives them the upper hand scenario.

The whole point, of terrorism, summed up, is that this is an issue that must not be ignored. Meaning the over reaction of the press, public and governments have to stop exploiting terrorist's that helps them kill innocent people for gaining a title. The only thing that people gain from such an act is capturing attention from the media so they are ahead of the game. Terrorism is a ballgame and you have to know how to play it well. It is calculated to create major fear, which in turns allows people to respond however they want.

We face terrorism in our world everyday of our lives. There have been incidents at airports with several occurrences of bombing, hand grenades being spontaneously being thrown away; gangs of politically gunmen have disrupted society's everyday. We face all different types of terrorism and it's all around the world. Whether if terrorism takes the form of bombings, shootings, hijackings, sniping, terrorism is not a pick and chooses violence against every citizen in a country either for political or religious reasons.

"Terrorist acts constitute an attack equally upon the individual separately considered; the society in which he lives; the state which he belongs; and the international community if which he forms part (Document 91). " 1 Terrorism in general, whether it is national, transnational or international, not only has generated a "global nightmare," but also threatens the language of violence becoming and everyday answer. So we reflect back and remind ourselves that human violence and aggression is not causing any good.

The existence of terrorism is a threat to civilization but there are ways to discourage terrorism and limit or minimize the destructive consequences of terrorism. What would it mean to you if your children… or grandchildren… never had to fear a terrorist attack? Never had to go to war? Never had to live in this world of violence and counter-violence of heartless terrorism and brutal retaliation? You can ask these questions to yourself. Throughout our modern era, terror is a tool that has been used up as a political weapon.

There have been countless incidents of terrorism even as early as the assassination of Julius Caesar in the Ides of March, 44 B. C, was an act of terrorism. Mostly the popular belief of the tyranny of killing was especially developed in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, assassination became both an ideological statement and a political weapon. The Bible says, "They that take the sword shall perish the sword. "2 This quote from the Bible is trying to relate to the practice of tyrrancide throughout Italy at the time if the Renaissance and was preached in Spain and France during the age of Absolution.

A Spanish Jesuit named Juan de Mariana was the creator of or leading apostle of tyrrancide doctrine. Mariana proclaimed that it is right to rebel but, if it is needed, the remedy of the assassination: " If in no other way it is possible to save the fatherland, [then] the Prince should be killed by the sword as a public enemy"3 This is what exactly happened to those French Kings, Henry IV, who struck down in 1610. Many ages have suffered terrorism from crime and outrage, but what we are experiencing nowadays goes beyond such things.

Only modern technology makes this possible-the bazooka, the plastic bombs, the submachine gun, and the nuclear bomb. All of these technologies enabled terrorism to enter the political field on a higher scale. Political terrorism is a distinctive disorder of the modern world. We as people have to fight against force because force usually generates fear, and fear is usually an additional weapon. But terrorism indicates the weapon of fear in a certain way. Political terrorism has become something very popular.

A revolution, like war, is the strategy of the strong terrorism is the strategy of the weak. This directs the weapon of fear in a special way to make governments react. It is the government's choice not to give in retaliation. Fear is definitely not an effective method to deliver a message. What can terrorists hope to accomplish by sowing fear? Nothing! Clearly there are many ways you can do this, using fight against a person or a country can paralyze a person's true thoughts, confuse the mind, and exhaust the strength of the defendant.

Most importantly it can persuade the opponents mind that a specific political point of view or issue is taken with dead seriousness and violence and they should agree as well; rather than suffering and putting a country through causalities year after year. It is very difficult to solve the role of terrorism in this game. Terrorism and the media have played a major role of increasing terrorist attacks. It is known that Arab Palestine terrorism has gained a lot of attention in our world today. It is mostly aimed at Israel; it is aimed at the Arabs who live in Israel; and it is aimed to the outside world.

This Arab terrorism is about accomplishing a piece of land that has been promised to so many, it is to frighten and threaten the Arabs who live in Israel in order to keep them from co-operating with Israeli authorities. Israel as a country cannot be terrorized into disappearing the map although this has been the movement of the Arabs. Does terrorism pay? Can there be any moral justification for an act of terrorism? Would the death of Hitler or Stalin at the hands of terrorists have served mankind good or bad? Acts of terrorism draws attention to a cause and even gain political recognition.

To focus on Palestine terrorists, they have found this to succeed in arousing the public. "Terrorism is above all and act of futility and as such even the moral worth of the cause being advocated is compromised by the mean employed. " 4 Gaining the media's attention is ultimately one of the major reasons why terrorism occurs. "Overreaction is more dangerous than terrorists. " 5 Violent criminal acts against innocent people seeking for worldwide attention targets the media. Does extensive coverage and full detail given about effects inspire and give thoughts to other terrorists.

Reflecting back to September 11 attack, this was completely overrated, with the constant repetitive picture explosions, murdering and the plan that the terrorists set out. Groups like Tupamaros (Uruguay), the Baader-meinhof gang (West Germany), the Quebec Liberation Front (Ethiopia) and many others have absorbed an important less on the media. An example to justify this statement is when the Baader-meinhof gang kidnapped a West German politician in Feb, 1975, to force the release from prison on television.

The German TV network was in effect, hi jacked and made an agreement to the crime. While terrorists may kill, the primary objective of terrorism is not mass murder. Terrorists want many people watching not a lot of people dead. Would the violence decline if television ignored or downplayed it? Does terrorism provoke political terrorism? Is it the public's right-to-know absolute? Is the TVs right to report absolute information, or does it has responsibility for what they say? Are there positive steps TV can d to minimize its exploitation by terrorist?

If you observe, carefully, terrorist's incidents go way back t newspapers, news broadcasts, tabloids, magazines movies, political cartoons, and internet. Its like a social pornography" because caters too the gossiping, wanting to know the needs of public. Dr, David Hubbard who is a psychiatrist has been through many experiences with terrorism. He states that is TV brought its coverage down to level where it has a relationship to the importance of the event that world terrorism will decrease. The media and terrorist's are best friends.

The solutions that television news organizations (local and national) should minimize the "how-to" aspects of terrorists acts to prevent it being repeated again, downplay or even don't state the names of the terrorist's or groups, to limit live coverage of kidnappings, skyjacking, and other crimes involving hostages, give proper message to barbarous actions being made, emphasize stats and provide documentaries and thoughtful analysis. According to the statistics there are about 5,000 terrorists that lose in the world today. This is an indication that every country is at high risks.

How can planes and airports be made secure against terrorists? Some ways are to examine every piece of luggage that comes into the airport. Alternatively, they could use trained dogs to sniff out explosive devices and locker checks. Essentially reducing the use of publicity will minimize or limit the destructive consequences of terrorism. In the past few decades, this relatively wises technique and clever resolving conflict has changed everything. This can no longer be a solution of "passive resistance," the term Gandhi instilled.

On the other hand, non-violence does not mean "turning the other cheek" although Jesus did and those who are ethically and religiously involved. Today violence and terrorism has become a new controlling factor. "Non-violent action is a generic term covering dozens of specific methods of protest, non-co operation, and intervention, in all of which activists conduct the conflict by doing or refusing to do certain things without using physical violence… It is not and inaction. It is an action that is non violent," Gene Sharp writes in the Politics of non violent action.