How can law bring social change?

            Law has been one of the most compelling factors in society that it assists on dictating its flow. The society of today has encountered different laws that can alter life. Due to the necessities of the modern world, law has become a key element to society as it adapts to the changes presented by the present. With this power by the law upon society, there is such a huge responsibility on its back. How can law bring social change? This is the question that concerns interest. Well let us rationalize the facts and the possible reasoning behind it.

            Law is the governing policy that handles a certain community, specifically a certain country. The law is the representation of justice and its power reaches out even to the most remote areas of that specific country. With nations that are unruly or quite in a state of chaos, social change can be handled by utilizing the power of law. Leaders can implement more specific laws that can target the conflicts in society. For example, in a society where crime has increased in such a staggering rate, implementing an effective death sentence can alter this matte. Another example, implementing Martial Law on a nation, it entirely affects the society and social change can be easily witnessed. Martial Law was utilized by Pres. Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines during the 1972 up to 1981 and the country totally turned around. Such is the capability of the law that citizens become subordinates of it.

            The law has the power to dictate social change and its effectiveness can be seen in different examples around the world. Implementing laws that bring forth social change should turn out for the betterment of society, otherwise, if it is utilized negatively by leaders, the ordinary citizen can be hopelessly helpless. The law dictates, creates and neutralizes. Such is its power that society is just below it. Though society is the main concern of the law, it is very capable to control it and bring forth social change. Social change tackles a lot due to different aspects. At some point, it is evident that society navigates around the community that is governed by the law.


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