How Can Family-Friendly Policies Be Beneficial to Both Families and to Business?

The past few decades, families in Hong Kong faced in undergone major changes, intense pace of life and hard work always affected families’ features. How to balance family life and work have become a social policy, in order to establish a family-friendly community, have implemented various measures to help employees balance their work and family lives, promote family relationship. In this essay, first I will explain these policies how to help with all aspects of employee, and then analysis of these measures on the employment benefit. Finally, pointed out that Hong Kong Government and the enterprises on how to implement these policies.

Family-friendly employment may implement different policies to meet the needs of employees. Including the introduction of given family leave benefits, such as marriage leave, paternity leave, parental leave, compassionate leave, special casual leave and special long leave, etc (GovHK, n.d.). This measure will be through the height of the working environment and working arrangements to facilitate employees in taking care of family needs, such as the five-day working week, flexible work time and family-based work, and so on.

The other hand will provide support to families, including child care services, counselling services, child custody etc. A Research Report prepared by the Department of Applied Social Sciences of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University is named “Family-Friendly Workplace” noted that Most respondents agreed or strongly agreed with implementing “family-friendly” policies. (Poly U, 2002)

Family-friendly policies can also bring much benefits to company. In a supportive working environment, staffs will feel they are valued and employer will gain the benefit. Firstly, employer can reduce staff turnover and retain potential employee. On the other hand, many people were convinced that employees working flexible hours were more productive than those working traditional hours. This measure in addition to motivate employees, increase productivity, but also improved reputation and corporate image, therefore there are many large enterprises are involved in the implementation of these measures.

In view of this, government and enterprises were organized a variety of measures and activities promoting family-friendly policies. The booklet prepared by the Labour Department’s album “Good people management & Family-Friendly Employment Practices” (, n.d.). Through a variety of good measures taken by the employer, may learn to provide for all instances. Research on Family-friendly Employment Policies and Practices in Hong Kong from The Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) and the Women’s Commission (WoC) (EOC 2006).

They hope that through this survey, a better understanding in Hong Kong, companies or institutions can help employees balance their work and family roles provides programme needs. A Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme 2011 was organised by the Family Council. The award scheme aims to give recognition to employers who attach importance to the spirit of family-friendliness (, 2011). Through these activities, to undertake a study, to understand the profile of Hong Kong families, and building partnerships with Government, business and professional sectors, actively promote the industry cares family

In this essay, I Have attempted to present suggest to implementation of family-friendly policies on families, or employers both have many favorable factors, together with the Hong Kong Government and the enterprises’ efforts, this measure would allow employers and employees there will be a win-win situation.