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American and Foreign Cars

In the early twentieth century Henry Ford manufactured the world’s first automobile, the Model T. Since then, the world has relied on automotive transportation. Today the automotive industry generates many different types and styles of cars. Primarily there are two styles of automobiles, American and foreign. The different styles of automobiles have comparable similarities and differences according to design, performance and value. There will always be American and foreign made cars, but the two styles are becoming more and more alike. The biggest difference between American and foreign made cars is design.

From the earliest days of the automobile, the majority of American cars were larger in size then most foreign made cars. The same is true today when Americans have a reputation for making “full-size” cars. Moreover, foreign cars have been known to be more stylish then most American cars. Foreign cars are designed to accommodate the driver and passengers with luxury and comfort in order to make the driving experience as pleasurable as possible. Most American cars are thought to have a simple and boring design that is inconsiderate to the driver unlike foreign design, which should be a pedestal that American designers should strive to compete with.

On the other hand, design is a matter of taste according to the buyer of the car. Another comparable difference between American and foreign cars is performance. American cars have been known to have bigger engines, which gives the cars a certain feel to the way it drives. Unlike American cars, most foreign cars have smaller but more complex engines, which make the car more responsive in driving. Whether the car is American or foreign, certain cars are built for performance.

Foreign cars have a more complex engineering then most American cars. Not all foreign cars are faster than American cars, there are many fast American- made cars such as the Ford GT and the Corvette SS but most of the time foreign are faster because in other countries like Europe or Asia the freeway speeds are up to a 150mph minimum.

This is why the foreign cars are generally faster and made to match country limits. American cars are a domestic product and have free range; however foreign cars shouldn’t be restricted by law. I would say that foreign cars or other products shouldn’t be restricted by law since almost everyone wants to have the same technology as other foreign countries such as Japan. Foreign cars are often found in Europe, China and Australia.

Imported cars are vehicles made by a foreign automaker overseas and imported to the US for sale. Imports pollute less and use less fuel, making them less expensive to operate. Import cars are also smaller and therefore easier to handle and park. Muscle cars are larger than traditional sports cars, often based on mid-size or full-size models. Muscle cars go back to the late 1940s when American automakers first recognized the market for performance-oriented versions of existing models. Pontiac GTO, Ford Grain Torino, and Dodge Challenger are the most well-known classic muscle cars. Cars have been a main mode of transportation for some time and America is no longer the main source of car manufacturing.

There are dozens of car manufacturers out there. For example there’s ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Toyota, Ferrari, and Volkswagen. During the evolution of the car manufacturers have stepped up and tried to outdo one another. People always have their own opinions and they all are normally different. American cars are known for having slightly heavier engineers and use different technologies. Asian cars have had a long history of making fuel efficient cars. Another conclusion to this comparison is when a new gas saving technology comes to America the patents are bought up by big oil companies which has been proven to be true in some cases.

I believe when you are buying a new vehicle, buy Japanese; when buying used, then you should buy American. American cars depreciate price far faster than they lose value. For a new driver, you want big, cheap, safe and reliable. Frankly I’ve had really good luck buying used Taurus/Sable station wagons. They been well maintained by their original owners and can be had cheap. Especially the 2000+ vintage are very reliable, you should also try to get one with the DOHC engine. Foreign cars run the gamut from more reliable to much worse than American manufacturers.

Generally, Honda and then Toyota are in a class by themselves for durability. Nissan and Subaru are good vehicles but they are a bit lesser than Honda and Toyota, but about the same as is Fords. In fact, the Korean cars (Hyundai and Kia) are better than the bottom of the Japanese line. In general because fewer cars are sold, foreign parts are more expensive and less readily available, but for Toyota and Honda this is not really true since they sell as many accords as ford does Taurus’s Work Cited