Businesses and individuals

Of all the various computer systems and protocols which operate in the high technology world we live in today, there are is one system which has provided cybercriminals with a perfect area of operation where they can commit crime and attempt to break various laws. The computer system known as the Internet which operates using the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), also known as Internet Protocol (IP), is the system which has been the most pervasively exploited by cybercriminals due to the variety of business functions which are now carried out there all the time.

From e-commerce to banking transfers, and from email to instant messaging, there are numerous areas of interest for cybercriminals to focus on. This system poses the greatest risk into the future because of the scale of internet usage among businesses and individuals. Nearly all companies have a web presence, and many operate an e-commerce system which enables online purchase and payment of goods.

The use of financial tools in order to make these purchases and the associated risks that accompany them means that in the future, when money may become exclusively electronic, cybercriminals may be able to access personal financial data via an illegal hack of a system somewhere which is a worry for all users today, and therefore changes have to be made to the current system.

The internet does not have to be entirely redesigned, however a focus on prevention of crime and incorporation of personal security education may make individuals more aware of the risks they face online and how they can change their behavior to prevent criminals gaining access to information they are not authorized to see or use. Therefore this statement that the internet has to be redesigned is slightly wrong, true there are engineering features of the internet which are in need of development, but to simply turn the current system off and start a new generation internet is an impossible task.