Business Quiz

1).Who said: “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”? Ans- Steve Jobs2). ‘Kaizen’ is a hugely influential philosophy of business management. Where was it first developed? Ans-Japan3).The production system of which car giant is often held up as a model of business innovation? Ans- Toyota4). Which of the following is a major US award for excellence and innovation in business? Ans-The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award5). What is ‘Six Sigma’?Ans-A system of quality management6). Who invented first microphone & when?Ans- Emile Berliner – march 47). India’s first steel mill was built by the Tata’s. In which year was it completed? Ans- 19118). This Year, ICICI Bank has introduced which unique facility for the first time? Ans- PPF Account9). First designed and invented in Japan by Toyota.

They were used in the automotive industry to track vehicles during the manufacturing process, and was originally designed to allow components to be scanned at high speed. The information encoded can be made up of four standardized kinds (“modes”) of data (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, Kanji). What was designed by the Toyota subsidiary Denso? Ans-QR Codes

10).What was the first Indian luxury hotel established by the Tata Group? Ans-Taj Mahal Hotel11).When were banks in India nationalized?Ans-196912).Which Indian biscuit brands is the singal largest selling biscuit in the world in its segment? Ans- Parle G13).Which company sponsors both Manchester United and the England Cricket team? Ans- Vodaphone14).Who desingned the first modern petrol-driven internal combustion engine for the car? Ans-Gottlie Daimler15).In which country is the world’s largest McDonalds Rastaurant? Ans- CHINA16).What does CNN stand for on the TV or Internet?Ans- Cable News Network17).Who was the first Indian actress to model for LUX soap?Ans- Leela Chitnis18).Which automobile company makes the “Mini” ?Ans- BMW19).Name the company who introduced Six sigma first.Ans- Motorola20).Who inveted 4 P’s of Marketing Mix?Ans- E. Jerome McCarthy21).BCG Metrics stands for Boston Consulting Group is invented by Ans- Bruce D. Henderson22).Which Japaneese electronics firm is named after a word meaning sound ? Ans- Sony23) The Skoda car company is based in which country ?Ans- Czechoslovakia24). Which gaint car company almost went out of business in 1981 ? Ans- Chrysler25). What is the name of the USA’S national rail network ? Ans- AMTRAC