Business Law Case Review

Alton Meadows, co-owner of Land Works Unlimited, was stuck by a gulf cart; driven by Renee Vincent while tailgating at a Louisiana State University football game. The gulf cart was left unattended by Jason Leblanc, an employee of Rebel Motors. Due to the negligence of Leblanc, an intoxicated bystander; Vincent, was able to gain possession of the gulf court causing the accident. Immediately following the accident Mr. Meadows had impressions of tire marks on his lower back to his shoulder blades. Mr. Meadows was taken to the emergency room and was released from the hospital the same day with a prescription for pain pills.

Meadows visited his family doctor one week after the accident. He was then x-rayed and found to have some broken ribs. The severity of the pain forced his family doctor to refer him to an orthopedic specialist, Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson performed a MRI on Meadows discovering a herniated disc in Meadows’ back as a result of the accident. Dr. Johnson referred Meadows to Dr. Hathaway, an orthopedic surgeon. After six weeks of physical therapy, heat therapy and pain medicine, Mr. Meadow’s was still in severe pain. Meadows underwent surgery to fuse the herniated disc with another disc.

This surgery alone cost roughly $90,000 which will only last for about 20 years and then it will be like he never had surgery. Mr. Meadows’ was in severe pain before the surgery and now after the surgery his pain level still will only reach tolerable, he will never be without pain. Mr. Meadows’ injuries have interfered with his ability to work. He is the co-owner of Land Works Unlimited. Land Works Unlimited clears land for highways to be built. Mr. Meadows is the mechanic, he fixes all the equipment and welding. Due to the injuries, he can’t squat, kneel, or bend.

Since he is co-owner he only gets paid when he is at work. Instead of working on the equipment himself he had to hire another mechanic to perform the activities he would normally perform. III. Issue Who should be held accountable for the accident? All parties are denying liability for Mr. Meadows’ injuries. The defendants, Rebel Motors and LSU told why they should not be held liable for the accident in their opening and closing remarks. Rebel Motors and LSU both stated that Renee’ Vincent should be held solely responsible for the accident.

Rebel Motors- Jason Leblanc or Rebel Motors should not be held responsible for what happened to Mr. Meadows. Leblanc was passed through by security at each checkpoint. After stopping to use the restroom at WWL radio station, he realized the gulf cart was missing. He then immediately found a policeman and reported it stolen and wanted to press charges after finding out about the accident. Vincent should be held solely responsible. Mr. Meadows should not benefit financially through the expense of Rebel Motors.

LSU- LSU is responsible for 120,000 + tailgaters. They have security personnel on the streets and checkpoints. LSU have rules in place that are to be followed by tailgaters which are published in the newspaper, flyers, and sent out with season tickets. Therefore, LSU should not be held responsible Renee Vincent should be. He is the one that chose to drink, steal the gulf cart, drive and cause the accident. Renee Vincent-Vincent stated that he had 8 beers and 2 glasses of whiskey. He did not even remember getting in the golf cart or hitting Meadows.

He had a sobriety test 3 hours after the accident and was still over the legal limit. Vincent continues to insist that Leblanc let him use the vehicle. He stated that he should not be solely responsible for the accident. Alton Meadows-Mr. Meadows’ attorney argued that all three parties should be liable for the accident. LSU failed to enforce the procedures and carry out their rules—to protect. Even though they a rule in place against having golf carts on the campus they failed to exercise that rule by waving Leblanc pass security checkpoints.

Jason Leblanc of Rebel Motors was aware of this rule and they ignored it. By them ignoring the rule they allowed Vincent to steal the gulf cart and resulting in the accident. IV. Judgment Jury decided that Rebel Motors, LSU, and Vincent were all liable for the accident and injuries suffered by Mr. Meadows. Rebel Motors and LSU were held liable for 20% and Vincent was liable 60% and Mr. Meadows should be compensated accordingly. Past Medical- $150,000 Future Medical- $1,440,000 Wages- $500,000 Family- $250,000 Totaling $$2,340,000