Business Law Paper Example Questions & Answers

1.Business law topics such as contracts, agency, andproperty are primarily governed by the common law.1. True2. False2.In most states judges are appointed.1. True2. False3.The rational relationship test is more exacting than theintermediate test.1. True2. False4-6.Legislative law includes4. City ordinances1. True2. False5. The Uniform Commercial Code1. True2. False6. The Restatement of Torts1. True2. False7. The agency’s enabling statute1. True2. False8. The U.S. Constitution1. True2. False9. State constitutions1. True2. False10. Only the Iowa courts can hear the case1. True2. False11. The Kansas courts have jurisdiction to adjudicatethe claim1. True2. False12. The Kansas federal district court can hear the casebased upon diversity of jurisdiction1. True2. False7-9.In issuing rules, a federal agency must do so incompliance with10-12.Able and Baker are both residents of Iowa, but theyhave a dispute regarding some land located in Kansas.13.Which of the following defines the method by which to obtain a remedy in court? lawProcedural lawBoth of the aboveNone of the above214.Most of the protections provided by the U.S. constitution and its amendments apply only to conduct by governments, which conduct is referred to as processEqual protectionSeparation of powerAll of the aboveNone of the aboveDiversity of citizenship exists when1. The plaintiffs are all citizens of a state or states different from the state or states of which the defendants are citizens2. A foreign country brings an action against citizens of the United States 3. The controversy is between citizens of the United States and citizens of a foreign country4. All of the above5. None of the above16.Which of the following best describes the treatment of commercial speech under the First Amendment? contract clause prevents a state from1. is not protected by the ConstitutionIt is protected, but to a lesser degree than other speechIt is protected to the same degree as any other speechIt is protected more than other speechNone of the abovemaking contracts with private individualsretroactively impairing any agreements between two partiescontracting with another stateall of the abovenone of the aboveBig Bucks, Inc. is incorporated in Delaware, but it has its principal place of business in Minnesota. For the purposes of diversity of citizenship, Big Bucks is a resident of1.2.3.4.DelawareMinnesotaboth of the abovenone of the above319.That branch of public law that deals with the various regulatory functions and activities of the government in its executive capacity is1. equal protection test is applied to cases based on gender and legitimacy? preemptory challenge stagethe pre-trial discovery stagethe special verdict stagethe offer of proof stagenone of the aboveThe doctrine of stare decisis developed from1. relationship teststrict scrutiny testintermediate testall of the abovenone of the aboveThe procedural stage of a lawsuit after the pleadings but before the trial is lawadministrative lawconstitutional lawsubstantive lawnone of the abovethe common lawequitystatutory lawall of the abovenone of the aboveWhich of the following is an equitable remedy? performanceinjunctionreformationall of the abovenone of the above424.An example of a special court in the federal system is1. U.S. Claims Courta federal district courtthe U.S. Supreme Courta U.S. court of appealsnone of the aboveWhen a federal district court hears a case based solely on diversity of citizenship, it must apply1. substantive lawfederal statutory lawfederal common lawAll of the aboveNone of the aboveAnswer1221121122122Question141516171819202122232425Answer542232321411