Business ethics and Walmart


Walmart went global and it’s the fastest growing business. Walmart’s retail hit with the Chinese consumers, so in 2004 Walmart operated 39 stores in China. Walmart’s in foreign countries have different food in their super Walmart because of culture differences. Walmart meets the demands of their consumers by adding local flavors. Walmart has developed an ethical standard program to create a higher product quality and lower product coast. Policing the workplaces of international venders is a huge task but Walmart executives say it is a necessary one.


1) Which market entry strategy is Walmart primarily using to enter foreign markets, and why had management chosen this approach? Walmart is using direct investing to enter foreign markets. Walmart has chosen this approach because the company’s goal is the same in every area of the world. The primary objective is to save people money so they can live a little better. Their goal in every market they operate is not only to deliver products at great value, but also to ensure that all the products they sell are made in an ethical and sustainable way.

2) What challenges do Walmart China managers encounter in the international business environment? Some challenges Walmart China managers have are culture differences because they have to keep the grocery sections stocked with live frogs, turtles, and fish. They also have to keep familiar American products.

3) Which of Walmart’s sustainability initiatives do you believe will have greatest positive impact on China? Explain. I think Walmart will have a positive impact on China by having a social responsible business is a simple good business by reducing waste and energy cost and paving a path to higher profits for all. Also, being able to go in and work with individual factories were instead of costing them more money to do it the right way, the factory is actually able to save cost by doing it the right way.