Business Ethics and Laws

We need business ethics and law because it helps to keep our country stable. Without ethics and law we would be a mess of people who dont know whats right. “Business ethics laws and regulations dictate a standard of conduct that represents going beyond doing the legally right thing to acting morally right.” Applying ethical standards to business practices means applying a culture’s moral standards, which rise above legal statutes, to ascertain whether decisions or conduct are appropriate and just, good or bad, not only for the business, but also for society as a whole. Laws protect our safety and ensure that physical and verbal abuse are not a big problem in our world. Many different types of laws have been made over time to ensure complete safety, including the Parental Principle, the Self Harm Principle, the Morality Principle, the Donation Principle, and the Statistic Principle.

Although laws protect people from hurting each other, they also keep people from self harm. For example the parental principle laws to keep children safe from parental abuse and disowning children. “Some Parental Principle laws are essential to protect children and vulnerable adults, but even in those cases, they can be oppressive if they are not narrowly written and sensibly enforced.” Also if the parents of a child are divorced, the Parental Principle also ensures that the more eligible and responsible parent gets custody over the child.

All laws aren’t about harm or self inflicted harm. Including the personal morality of the law’s authors. These are mostly about religion belief issues, and hate speech. “Historically, most of these laws have something to do with sex — but some European laws against Holocaust denial and other forms of hate speech also appear to be motivated primarily by the Morality Principle.” Mortality Law is basically just a general rule of living right. We just follow these rules to be good people instead of bad, it’s that simple. Some examples of moral law is kindness, honesty and respect.

The government has made laws for being a good citizen, and control how people behave, sometimes they give people in organizations and groups an unfair advantage. Donation Principle laws wants support Democratic voters and from low income voters. “Laws punishing certain corporate practices are sometimes used to reward corporations that are in the government’s good graces, and/or to punish corporations that are not.” Laws that support a certain religious groups and giving them credit where credit is not due, in order to get those people to support them. The government believes that if they try to care about a religious groups beliefs, then they will contribute to them. It’s easier to get to a big group of people then just one at a time.

The Statistic Principle protects the government from harm and ensures they keep their power. These laws are very necessary, because if our government is not safe, how are they supposed to keep us safe? We need these laws to keep things such as espionage and treason out of our society. These laws may also come as a bad thing due to the fact that